General Info

Can I use my own branded URL shortener?

Bulkly currently integrates with Rebrandly. From your "Settings (" page, click on the "Connect to Rebrandly" button and allow Rebrandly to connect to Bulkly. From the drop-down, select your branded domain to be used for your branded short links. If you don't have your own branded domain you can use instead. (For truly personalized messages, it's best to connect a branded domain of your own!) If you're using Buffer but haven't configured your link sho...

What is a group?

Bulkly allows you to group together posts. This is useful should you want to segment your posts by topic, audience, channel, etc. It really allows you some flexibility in organizing your social media updates. For example, you can create groups for various needs: - A group of inspirational quotes - Groups on a particular topic - Create groups for specific social media sites Groups allow you to really customize the settings of how you would like the updates to be shared on social m...

What are the supported social media platforms/accounts?

Bulkly currently works with Buffer. And the Buffer API allows for the scheduling of social media updates on the following channels: - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter Pinterest is not able to be scheduled using the Buffer API, therefore it's something we can't currently offer on Bulkly. However, should the Buffer API allow for this we will definitely add it.

How does Content Curation work?

Content Curation allows you to enter multiple RSS URLs to curate content to be added to your social media queues. Once the data from the feeds are fetched, Bulkly will display the recent data for these feeds. From here you can choose what items you would like to be dripped into your social media accounts. This makes it easy to curate content for social media all in one place. You can easily create hundreds of status updates in just a few minutes.

How does "shuffle posts" work?

When enabled, the Shuffle Posts option will randomize the order that your status updates get sent to your social media accounts. This option will help prevent your updates from being posted in the same exact order each time. If the option is disabled, then the posts will be sent based on the order that they appear in your group. Should you want to rearrange the order, simply drag an update to the place you want it to appear.

How does recycling social media updates work?

When most people post on social media, it's a one-and-done approach. And sometimes that makes sense. However, if you have evergreen content to share then why not share it again and again? If it's still relevant, there's no reason you can't share it again. With Bulkly, you have the option to recycle the updates within a group. And when you enable this option, Bulkly will automatically resend (or recycle) these status updates back into your social media accounts based on the schedule you have s...

What is the "Auto Add Image" option?

When you enable the Auto Add Image, Bulkly will attempt to automatically attach an image to your social media update. This image is fetched from the Open Graph tag ( of the URL you are sharing. If no image is found in the Open Graph tags, then an image won't be added to your social media update. If you have the Auto Add Image disabled, you can manually add the URL location of an image you would like to attach.

Can I use emojis?

Yes! You can definitely use emojis in your status updates. There are two ways you can add emojis. The first way is to simply copy and paste the emoji directly into your status update in Bulkly. To do this, follow these steps (either in Content Upload or Content Curation): - Inside your group, click the 3 dots to the right of the update you want to add the emoji to - Then paste in the emoji within the text update area where you want it to appear - Save the update The second way to a...

How does the "Hashtags" option work?

Bulkly allows you to assign specific hashtags to each social media channel. For example, you can send different hashtags to each social media channel. Facebook could have its own while Twitter uses another one. A pro-tip for hashtags in Bulkly is that you can actually create groups of hashtags for each social media channel. And when it comes time to send an update to that channel, Bulkly will randomly pick a hashtag to use from the hashtags you have added. For example, in the image above you...

Can I use custom UTM parameters?

Bulkly allows you to use custom UTM parameters for all URLs you share. Here's how to do it... Within your group, click on the "Pencil" icon. You'll then see the various parameters you can set. These parameters are UTM Campaign, UTM Source, UTM Medium and UTM Content. Simply name them whatever you would like and Bulkly will automatically add the parameters to all links you share from this group. One important thing to note that is if you are using Buffer, you will need to login into your Buf...

How do I update my social media accounts?

If you've added or removed social media accounts on the platform you are publishing social media posts to, you may need to reconnect to those platforms to refresh the social media accounts that appear in Bulkly. To do this, go to your "Settings (" page and click on the appropriate button to reconnect to your scheduling platform.

How to deactivate a social media account from all groups

If you have a social media account that you no longer want to post content to, there's an easy way to stop that account from posting. To do this, go to your "Social Accounts (" page and then change the status in the "Active" column. Additionally, if you want to easily see what groups a social media account is posting to, simply click on the "View" link in the "Groups" column. You'll then be able to see which groups this particular social media account is po...

Can I copy groups?

It's easy to copy groups in Bulkly so that you can re-use or make changes for various reasons. There are two ways to do this. The first way is from the overview page, click on the 3 dots of a group and then click on the "copy" icon. The other way to copy groups is from directly within the group. Inside the group, click on the "copy" icon. Once a group has been copied, all content and settings from the original group will be copied to the new group. Please be sure to review and edit these ...

Can I use images hosted on Dropbox?

With Bulkly, you can easily use images hosted elsewhere. Most of the time you just need to use the full URL to the image. For example, However, with Dropbox hosted images you will need to be sure your URLs follow this format. According to,you need to have "?raw=1" at the end of your image URL. For example,