Content Curation

How does Content Curation work?

Content Curation allows you to enter multiple RSS URLs to curate content to be added to your social media queues. Once the data from the feeds are fetched, Bulkly will display the recent data for these feeds. From here you can choose what items you would like to be dripped into your social media accounts. This makes it easy to curate content for social media all in one place. You can easily create hundreds of status updates in just a few minutes.

How to add content online

To add content online for Content Curation, simply click on the "+Add RSS Feeds Online" button. Next, enter the RSS URL you would like to use and select the platform of social media accounts you would like to use this content for. Next click the save button and Bulkly will fetch all the data from the RSS feed.

How to create a CSV file for Content Curation

You can download a sample CSV file ( to get started. Additionally, you can build out your own as described below. Bulkly accepts a CSV file that has the data in the following columns for Content Curation: - Row 1 can be left blank or used for labels for your columns - Column A – This column is used to assign the RSS feed to a group (required) - Column B – This column is used to enter the valid RSS URL (required) - Once your file is re...

Can I add feeds to existing groups?

With Bulkly it is easy to update your existing groups. Within your Content Curation group there are few ways you can make updates. The first way is to add a new RSS feed to your existing groups. Here's how: - Click on the RSS icon - Paste the RSS URL you want to add - Click "Refresh Content" Your group will then be updated with new content from that feed (as well as update your existing feeds). If you are wanting to remove a feed, simply click the trash can icon to delete it. A...

Can I filter/exclude posts based on the publish date?

If you would like to prevent posts from being sent to your social media accounts based on their published date, you can do so by editing the group in Bulkly. Click on the "Pencil" icon and you'll see two options in the middle of the overlay. The first option you will want to look at is the "Skip Posts Older Than" that when enabled will prevent Bulkly from sending posts that are older that the number of days you select. So in this example, it would skip anything older than 28 days. The secon...

Can I skip posts with certain keywords?

If you're looking to reduce the social media updates that you share containing certain phrases or topics, you can easily do this in Bulkly. Inside your group, click on the "Pencil" icon and then look at the right hand side of the overlay. The "Keyword Filter" option lets you enter keywords or phrases (separated by commas) that will be excluded based on the "Skip These Keywords for At Least X Days" option where you can determine how long it should be before you share an update with one of tho...

How to refresh the content from the RSS feeds

Overtime, more than likely the RSS feeds you are using will have new content that you would want to add to your Bulkly group. And the easiest way to get this content into your group is by clicking the "Refresh Content" button inside your group. When refreshed, it will keep your existing content and add any new content to your group. This makes it very easy to build out a group of evergreen social media updates to share.